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Car Accidents Damage Extends For Generations

Researchers at the University of North Carolina report that car accidents are responsible for a clear majority of injuries requiring hospitalization during pregnancy. The study of almost 900,000 women who delivered their babies in North Carolina between 2001 and 2008 concludes that pregnant mothers involved in car crashes are significantly more likely to have adverse outcomes from their pregnancy, such as preterm birth, premature rupture of membranes and placental abruption. Each accident increases the likelihood of complications, as study results show that if an expectant woman is in a second accident, the percentage of problems increases accordingly. 

Causes of car accidents

 Even if you are an attentive driver who carefully obeys all safe-driving rules, you might end up in a car accident. The causes of North Carolina car accidents are numerous, the primary of which include:

  • Speeding: A speeding driver can create many road hazards because a driver’s reaction time decreases as speed increases.
  • Drowsy driving: Approximately 100,000 car crashes occur every year because of driver fatigue, reports the U.S. National Traffic Safety Administration.
  • Alcohol and drugs: Driving under the influence is one of biggest causes of auto accidents.
  • Distracted driving: Talking on the cell phone, texting, changing the CD in the stereo or eating can remove a driver’s eyes and attention from the road. 
  • Aggression: Being aggressive is good on the football field, not behind the wheel in the car.
  • Weather hazards: Whether rain-slicked roadways or snowy conditions, weather can cause a lot of accidents. 

Recovering damages 

North Carolina, along with 27 other states, adopted a system of tort liability for auto accidents, whereby after liability is placed on one driver, they are responsible for all damages from the accident. Victims of North Carolina car crashes may collect lost pay, property damage, emotional distress, loss of future earning capacity and past, present and future medical expenses. The statute of limitations on North Carolina auto accidents is three years from the date of the crash. 

If you were involved in an auto accident and suffered injuries, consult a Charlotte car accident attorney to identify what you may recover. The Law Offices of Brian deBrun PLLC has been assisting North Carolina with personal injury claims for more than 50 years.

by Brian DeBrun

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