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Highway Crashes Can Be Devastating

A recent horrific Tennessee highway motor vehicle accident stretched into North Carolina. Eight people were killed and fourteen people were injured when a bus carrying a North Carolina church group home from a jubilee in Gatlinburg, Tennessee blew a tire, crossed the median and crashed into a sport utility vehicle and tractor trailer. The members of the church group on the bus were senior citizens from the Front Street Baptist Church in Statesville, NC.

Common causes of highway accidents 

As the tragic bus accident involving the NC church group illustrates, catastrophic crashes can be caused by a simple automobile failure, such as a blown tire. Additional causes of highway accidents can be driving while fatigued or while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Distracted driving and speeding are also the leading causes of highway motor vehicle crashes. 

Types of highway crashes 

North Carolina has the second largest state highway system in the United States: 80,000 miles. Although all of these state highways provide easy routes for travelers, they also serve as the place for major vehicular accidents. Common highway accidents that occur on NC roadways include: 

  • Head-on: These collisions often occur when a driver enters the highway from the wrong direction or falls asleep and crosses the median.
  • Lane change: Sloppy lane-changing without looking and signaling can result in horrific crashes.
  • Rollovers: Bad weather conditions can cause a driver to lose control and roll over.
  • Rear-end: When there is a sudden stoppage of traffic flow, an inattentive driver might slam into a car in front, causing a multiple-vehicle pile-up. 

Victims of highway crashes caused by the negligence of another may recover for medical expenses, loss of enjoyment, lost wages and pain and suffering. For more information on North Carolina highway accidents, schedule a free consultation with the personal lawyers of the Law Offices of Brian deBrun PLLC.

by Brian DeBrun

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