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North Carolina Is Number One In Helmet Safety

North Carolina enacted its motorcycle helmet law in 1968. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that North Carolina’s helmet law is the nation’s leader in saving lives and economic savings. The average number of lives saved for states with a universal law is 36 lives saved per 100,000 registered motorcycles. In North Carolina, 80 lives were saved per 100,000 registered motorcycles. 

Motorcycle safety 

North Carolina places an emphasis on motorcycle safety. One provision says that it is illegal to drive a motorcycle or moped on a public roadway if there are more than the authorized number of people riding at the same time on the bike. North Carolina law also proscribes riding on a motorcycle without a proper helmet that complies fully with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.  

Proper helmet

North Carolina law, as adapted from the federal standards, direct that the helmet must be specially designed for motorcycle riders and passengers and must have the following:

  • A hard exterior that will not shatter and will withstand penetration
  • A cradle for the head that absorbs shock, rests firmly on the head and separates the head from the outer shell that consists of safe durable materials
  • Padding made of absorbent and impact resistant material to cushion the head from contact with the outer shell
  • A permanently attached chinstrap that must be used under the chin while the motorcycle is moving 


Violation of North Carolina’s motorcycle safety law carries a fine of $25.50 plus various court costs. There will be no drivers’ license points or insurance surcharge accrued for violating these provisions. 

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by Brian DeBrun

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